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Why tablet ERP is a must

Feb 25th, 2013
Does your Enterprise Resource Planning solution work on your iPad? If it doesn’t, you should probably ask ‘why not’. That’s because tablet computers are increasingly becoming the preferred way in which people like to engage with technology – and providing them with tools that they like using, delivers a productivity benefit.
That’s according to HansaWorld South Africa sales manager Taryn Cromie, who says that as more tablet computers enter the market, staff are expecting to be able to use them in their lines of work.
“The new battlefield for enterprise software vendors is the tablet. As PC sales slowdown, tablet sales are shooting up, reflecting the fact that these devices are being chosen by more consumers. Those consumers are bringing their devices to work, expecting to be able to use them to drive their personal productivity and get their work done faster and more conveniently,” says Cromie
She points to figures from market researcher IDC which shows 2012 world PC shipments were down by 6.4% on those sold in 2011. Meanwhile, 2012 tablet sales totaled 122 million units, up 74% over 2011’s 68.7 million units. That massive growth is set to continue: IDC says 2013 should see shipments of 172.4 million tablets, reaching over 282 million units by 2016.
“What these numbers mean is that the PC is no longer the device of choice for most people,” Cromie points out.
As a result, she says vendors, included among them those that make business tools such as accounting and enterprise resource planning software, have to respond to the new way of technology interaction. “Standard apps which work on tablets should be readily available today. They should be available from the iStore, Google’s Play store or the Windows Marketplace. And they should enable customers to start with a single user system for their accounts, but scale all the way to a full-blown ERP system.”
There is urgency to do this, continues Cromie, as a new generation of workers which is growing up with iPads, Androids and Windows tablets, is going to enter the workplace soon. “Just like the ‘greenscreen’ made way for graphical user interface, the shift today is towards the more intimate and intuitive interaction with technology systems which is enabled by tablet computers. That’s something the older generation is taking to, as evidenced by the growth in tablet sales – and something the younger generations will insist on in the workplace.”
The power of choice is just as important in a changing environment; Cromie points out that ‘Bring Your Own Device’, or BYOD, is emerging as a trend which savvy IT managers are embracing, rather than seeking to eliminate. “That’s because these managers know that helping people to use the technology they prefer results in an advantage to the company; they also know that preventing BYOD is likely an exercise in futility.”
That power of choice means ERP vendors should provide the flexibility not only to work on PCs or tablets, but also on any combination of Apple, Microsoft, Android or other operating systems.
“People today want technology and tools at work that they find easy and appealing to use. If your ERP vendor isn’t able to facilitate that now – ask yourself if your company really has the best system,” Cromie concludes.
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SaaS by HansaWorld – Software as a Service

HansaWorld wins European IT Excellence Award 2011 in the Sof

STOCKHOLM, February 12, 2011 – HansaWorld, an award-winning provider of Integrated Business Platforms and mobility solutions has been selected as the winner of the European IT Excellence Award 2011 in the Software as a Service Solution category. HansaWorld demonstrated to the independent panel of judges how their SaaS implementation at Intelligent Energy, a leading clean power systems company based in the UK, US, Japan and India, has had a dramatic effect on their customer´s business.
HansaWorld offers a complete array of SaaS components, including Cloud-based Hosting, monthly Licensing and installation-free Web Clients, and customers are free too choose which of these components to use. They also offer a range of add-on Cloud Services, which can be subscribed for monthly by any customer, regardless of server location, including credit card processing, SMS triggers from workflow, postcode addressing, exchange rate uploads, electronic tax filing, eInvoicing and integration with couriers such as Fedex.
The SaaS options are suited to most companies that want to reduce their investment in IT infrastructure and the costs associated with its support, those that have constraints on their capital, and those with many remote users where it is hard to control the hardware and operating system on which the users will work.
“we have been offering most of the components of SaaS for so long before the current industry hype that paradoxically it is hard to be seen as one of the groundbreakers” says Stephen Jay, International Sales Director for Hansaworld “We are delighted with the focus of the European IT Excellence Awards on actual delivery and benefits truly realised by customers, which proves that we are at the forefront of the SaaS movement. What other worldwide SaaS vendors can demonstrate over 20 years of development and testing in their software, a system that covers ERP, CRM and vertical market solutions, and 25 language versions covering some 45 modules? We also believe we have a clear lead in our ability to run offline at remote locations in the event of loss of internet connection, our handling of customisationsfor each customer, and the ease with which we can link the software to third-party solutions that can be either on-site or cloud-based.”
HansaWorld has been shortlisted for the European IT Excellence Awards twice before – in 2008 and 2010.Learn more about SaaS by HansaWorld >>

About European IT Excellence Awards:

The European IT Excellence Awards are the only pan-European awards which recognise the crucial role that independent Software Vendors and Solution Providers play in the delivery of real world solutions, and attracted entries from 31 countries. eEntries were submited by ISVs and resellers describing the solution provided and each had to be supported by an endorsement by the client. 62 companies from 22 countries made the finals. the winners were selected by an independent panel of consultants and editors.

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HansaWorld introduces Enterprise 6.2 with many improvements and a new module

STOCKHOLM, November 20, 2010 – HansaWorld, an award-winning provider of Integrated Business Platforms, announced today the release of its latest update for its flagship solution, Enterprise by HansaWorld.

“We’re very excited about our latest release. In difficult economic conditions, when most of our competitors are in maintenance-only mode, we have released a new version with several fundamental new technologies, and major enhancements to vertical market offerings including Point of Sales, Hotel and Restaurant, and Human Resources Management. Any one of the new technologies could cause a stir in itself,” said Stephen Jay, International Sales Director of HansaWorld. He elaborated further, “We see the speed of development of new functionality as further proof of our functional lead in business systems, and we are determined to lengthen our lead by continuing to invest heavily in new technologies and features.”

Human Resources Management is the latest module to be added to Enterprise. This module allows managers to maintain comprehensive records on each of their employees, covering everything from contact details to dietary requirements, schooling and more.  Recruitment, leave management, resource allocation, skills identification and performance appraisals can also be managed using this new module. Furthermore, Enterprise provides a range of user-definable fields and unique classifications to be used in analysis and reporting.

In version 6.2 of Enterprise, the Point of Sale module received a large number of improvements and enhancements. An all new touchscreen interface now allows users to define buttons for functions such as payment methods, frequently used items, and their placement per POS device. Live Sync is a completely new method for synchronising local point of sale devices with the central server without user intervention and without the need for remote servers. Support for gift receipts, splitting items, loyalty cards, managers’ discounts, multi buys, volumetric barcodes and unique fraud prevention has also been added.

“Our Live Sync engine in our opinion improves on any competitor technology available for retail companies, offering a seamless combination of real-time and offline in the event of network failure,” added Stephen Jay.

The Hotel and Restaurant module has also been improved. You will now be able to handle group reservations, produce key cards and manage price rules and rack rate price lists with ease. In the Restaurant module, we added many of the same features as the POS module, in particular relating to loyalty cards, splitting items and multi buys. There is also now a user-definable graphical table view, from which waiting staff can open bar and restaurant tabs. Also you can now use an Apple iPad to take orders and process payments.

The iPod touch client adds support for barcode scanners and magnetic stripe hardware. You can now make mobile sales, take stock counts and process payments – all from a handheld touchscreen device.

Perhaps most excitingly of all, HansaWorld has developed a complete browser client, which enables almost all Enterprise screens to be displayed on web browsers. Mobile users can now do everything from entering time sheets and expenses to creating invoices, purchase orders, repairs and the like, and running any report.

“Our browser client enables us to offer full Software as a Service, and paves the way for full real-time functionality from all modern mobile devices – many of which, of course, we already support,” concluded Stephen Jay.

Download the brochure on Enterprise by HansaWorld 6.2 >>

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About HansaWorld Australia

HansaWorld provides integrated business solutions including financials, ERP, CRM, e-Business, retail (POS), production and hotel.

The company was first established in Sweden in 1988 by founder Karl Bohlin. The group employs around 300 people in a strong network of daughter companies and distribution partners in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

HansaWorld Australia opened operations in 2006 and now supports customers in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Professional Support Group (PSG) is a distribution partner implementing and supporting HansaWorld solutions in WA. Please contact our office to speak to our experienced staff about your many business system requirements.

The software can be run on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and IBM, plus PDAs and Nokia business phones. It supports multiple currencies and consolidation of data from different companies.

Worldwide, HansaWorld software has been installed at over 69,000 businesses with up to hundreds of concurrent users.

All in one

HansaWorld’s integrated approach means that information is stored in one database, thus all parts of the system are connected by default and there is no need to interface different applications to work together. As your business grows, Enterprise can be expanded by adding new modules.

The selection of features ranges from e-mail, tasks and a multi-user calendar to e-commerce solutions for example taking orders from customers via your website.

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